Acoustic restoration of ecosystems — how the sound of love helps animals return to old habitats

August 13, 2023

Scientists are experimenting with sound to try and lure seabirds back to depleted environments. But not just any sounds – we’re talking about the coos and calls associated with breeding. It’s all part of an ecological approach called Acoustic Restoration and its already having an impact on Palmyra Atoll – a remote island halfway between Hawaii and American Samoa.

It’s hoped the acoustic approach can revive many different kinds of ecosystems, even after natural disasters — when nothing is left.

Also, why machine learning is causing a reproducibility crisis in Science; and ongoing research into 3D-printing food.


Dr Nick Holmes – Island Resilience Strategy Lead, The Nature Conservancy

Dr Elizabeth Znidersic – Charles Sturt University, Gulbali Institute

Dr Arvind Narayanan – Professor of Computing Science, Princeton University

Dr Jonathan Blutinger – Department of Mechanical Engineering, Columbia University (US)